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5 Tips International Students Must Know About Australia

Australia is a global destination for tourism and higher education. Australia, over the years, has built a solid educational reputation that hinges on the quality and researched-based model.

With its impressive and exceptional educational curriculum, Australian universities are among the highest-ranked universities globally. Six Australian universities sit comfortably at top ranking, according to the 2018 World University Rankings.

The Australian economy has witnessed tremendous growth, with sectors like Manufacturing, Health, Technology, and Education contributing to the healthy and steady growth of the GDP.

There abound several advantages of studying in Australia. Degrees awarded by Australian educational institutions are recognized globally by professional bodies and employers, and the high employability rate of international students studying in Australia upon graduation is one of the allure of studying in Australia.

It is necessary to take note of the following important tips if you wish to study in Australia.

The Visa Application Procedures is Simplified

Prior to your Australian study visa application, you are required to submit interest to study to any educational institution of your choice. Upon your application being accepted by your preferred educational institution, you can begin your Australian student visa application. The Australian government to a very large extent have simplified the visa application process. From 2016, Australian study visas all fall under the same category.

There are available Financial Grants For International Student

Studying in Australia is expensive due to the high standard living, reliable healthcare system, and green environment. Sydney and Melbourne are among the most expensive cities to live in according to recent global rankings. However, there are several financial grants and scholarships targeting international students. It is also, pertinent to note that your financial strength is one of the major requirements during your visa application.

Public Transportation System In Australia is Reliable

Australia’s public transportation is highly reliable and developed to serve to the teeming commuters. Getting apprised about the schedules before the start of the academic session is essential. Ferries, trains, light rail services, and timetable is highly dependable. Some territories in Australia in Australia have subsidized public transportation fares for students, and you can be eligible for the subsidized fares depending on your status and age.

Australia Is A Diverse Country.

In Australia, diversity is a perfect personification of its inhabitants’ disposition. Australia is home to one of the oldest surviving ancient culture and one of the most diverse countries in the world. When in Australia, get ready for a mix of amazing lifestyle, breathtaking views and exciting spots, trendy cafes, and restaurants, impressive galleries, museums, lush green parks that will surely make your stay in Australia both magical and memorable.
It is important to note that Australians are generally known for the hospitable and friendly disposition.

As An International Student, You Can Work While Studying Australia

International students in Australia are allowed to work while studying in Australia. During academic sessions, international students can work up to 40 hours per week and much more longer during academic breaks. This is a great way international students can save and minimize their overall costs. A lot of sectors offer prospects for international to find a job such as the retail and tourism sectors.

Hopefully, the above tips will prove beneficial to international students in navigating the university and social life in the “Land Down Under”


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