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Applying For a Canada Student VISA [A Step By Step Guide]

Canada is an ideal destination for quality, researched model education. Annually the Canadian immigration service receives thousands of applications from prospective international students. Studying in Canada is a popular choice among international students, suffice to say, some of the best educational institutions in the world are located in Canada.

Canada is a diverse country with amazing culture and diversity which makes assimilation of fresh international students into Canadian society relatively easy.

The Canadian education model is qualitative, research-based, thus international students are engaged in projects and intriguing experiments.

Universities in Canada have made an extensive and remarkable contribution towards scientific research that has charted the way for new discoveries and interesting new scientific theories. A university in Toronto is credited with the great discovery of Insulin that has saved countless lives.

Before international students can be allowed to study, he/she must obtain a study permit that allows the holder to stay legally in Canada during the duration of their course.

However, a study permit is not necessary for courses that are scheduled to last less than six months.

Getting a study permit in Canada can be a long and onerous process if you are not familiar with the rigors of the immigration process, but armed with the right information the whole process could be simplified.

Study Permit In Canada

CIC is the official body responsible for issuing a study permit to prospective international students with the desire to study in Canada at a reputable institution.

It is important to acknowledge that a study permit is not a visa and can not guarantee your entry into Canada.

The duration of your study program plus an extra 90 days determines the validity of your study permit in Canada, the extra days allow you to extend your stay or prepare your departure from Canada.

In the case your study permit expires before the completion of your study program, you are required to apply an extension of stay.

Canada Student Visa Eligibility

The following requirements must be satisfied by the international students to be eligible for the student visa, the international student must:

  • Own a valid Passport
  • Be in good health
  • provide documentary proof of acceptance by a reputable academic institution in Canada
  • Show proof of financial sufficiency to cater for expenses during their stay in Canada
  • Provide an acceptable medical report
  • Proof that he/she is not a security risk
  • Convince the immigration officials that he/she will not overstay upon expiration of their visa.

Applying For A Canadian Study Permit

To be sure about your eligibility, it is recommended to visit the official website of CIC before proceeding with the application.

To begin your application process, the following steps should be followed:

  • Get Letter of Acceptance: When a reputable Canadian university issues you an acceptance letter, you are one step closer to securing your study permit.
  • Chose Your Application Mode: Upon getting the acceptance letter from your preferred university, you may decide to apply in any of the following two ways.

Apply on paper: This application process allows you to download the application form and tick or write the right answers to all questions, and submit to the local consulate office.

Apply online: To begin the application online, Visit Here. However, to complete the application, you must have access to a good camera or a scanner to make digital copies of your documents and credit card information to process payment. Be sure to include the barcode page before submitting the form.

  • Pay the required processing fees: You will be required to make a non-refundable study permit fee of CAD $150.
  • Submit the Application: After completing the steps above, you can submit your application at the local designated visa application centers (VAC). You may be required to submit your biometrics at the VAC depending on your nationality. At the VAC, you will be issued a receipt co0ntaining your unique tracking number.

What You Are Entitled As An International Student Studying In Canada

If your application meets the immigration officers’ approval and you are granted a Canadian student visa, you can partake in paid employment throughout your study duration.

International students upon graduation can apply for a post-graduate work visa, which grants international students the right to live and work in Canada for up to three years.


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