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How To Format You Resume/CV Canadian Style

Your resume which contains your achievements, education, and employment is the first impression your prospective employer see, hence the need to make an outstanding first-time impression when your resume is reviewed by the employer. Constructing your Resume the Canadian style will increase your chances of landing a job.

Formatting Your Resume The Canadian Style

There is no universal rule as to how to format your CV the Canadian style, however, the following guide will make your resume easy to read and look professional.

  • Headings: Ensure each section of your resume includes heading.
  • Font: Ensure you use a consistent font throughout your resume. It is advised to use a professional-looking font, and two fonts should be used at most; one for content and one for headings. Ensure your font size is readable when your resume is printed.
  • Length: Ensure your resume does not exceed one or two pages. Resumes less than a full-page could indicate inexperience, and longer resume most time go unread.

Information To Include In Your Resume

The following information should be on your Resume:

Your Name

Your first name and last name should be included in your resume in that order. Your middle name is not a necessity. Your name should stand out and be easy to read as it is the most important part of your resume, and the font should be the largest.

Contact Information

Directly below your name or beside your name should you include your contact information? Your basic contact information should also be included such as:

  •   Email address
  • Current residential address
  • Phone number

The above information is very important, so your prospective employer can be able to reach you.

Work history

Your work history indicates your professional work experience. In your resume, you should list your work experience in chronological order. For each previous occupation, include:

  • Previously held position
  • The name of the institution or company you worked for
  • The number of years you held the position.
  • Three duties you performed in your position as part of your responsibility.

Highlighting any policies or innovative solutions attributed to you in your previous position can set you apart from other candidates. Also using unique industry language can help demonstrate your skills and expertise.


When stating your educational qualification, it is recommended to start with your highest degree. Arrange your degree by relevance to the position you are applying to if you have more than one degree of the same level. For each degree, you should include the following:

  • Program of study
  • Type and name of the degree-awarding institution
  • The type of degree earned
  • Number of years you attended the institution.

Information Not To Include In Your Canadian Styled Resume

The following information may be a common occurrence in resume elsewhere in the world but should absolutely not be included in your Canadian style resume.

Excessive Personal Information

The following information should not be included anywhere on your Canadian style resume.

  • Gender
  • Nationality
  • Religion
  • Disability
  • Blood type
  • Sexual orientation
  • Marital status
  • Citizenship status

Information About Your Parents

Your resume should only contain details relevant to the position you are applying for and ensure you do not include information about your parents.

Personal Pictures

Absolutely, do not include your picture on your resume.


This may be common elsewhere but should not be included in your Canadian style resume. During the hiring process when references are needed, you will be notified to provide them.


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