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How To Get A Canadian Job As A Foreigner

Canada is one of the largest economies in the world, with a healthy and stable economic growth. The economic potential of Canada is remarkable, hence, the influx of investors, entrepreneurs and job seekers.

It is an established fact that thousands of foreigners yearly seek gainful employment in Canada through various means.

But securing a job from outside Canada is often a long and arduous task because Canada boasts of one of the most robust, reliable and educated workforces in the world.

For every available job opportunity, that is several other professionals or skilled workers seeking the same position, and to be able to come out victorious, you must stand out from the crowd.

It is important to note that fraudsters and scammers are feasting on the desperation and gullibility of foreign job seekers by posing as employment agencies or employers to rob them of their hard-earned money. It is important for job seekers to pay close attention to whatever job being offered.

One of the major challenges of securing a job from outside of Canada is getting a positive Labor Market Impact Assessment also known as (LMIA) from the Ministry of Employment and Social Development Canada. This is to guarantee that no Canadian citizen or permanent citizen is displaced or available for the job. Upon receiving a positive LMIA from an eligible Canadian employer, and satisfying other visa requirements, then you are sure of obtaining a Canadian work permit.

There are certain occupations that do not require an LMIA or a job offer to be able to work in Canada, and they include:

  • Investors and Entrepreneurs.
  • Self-employed individuals.
  • Young people on working holiday visas.
  • Intracompany transfer of workers.

With the right determination and focus it is possible to find your desired job in Canada, and there are several ways/resources a foreigner can land a job from outside Canada.

Confirm If You Are Eligible To Work In Canada

As earlier stated that the Canadian Labour force is robust and filled with professionals and skilled workers like you, and getting a job from outside Canada hinges on the only reason that you are exceptional.

Before applying for any job, ensure you are qualified for the job and can fulfill the requirements, as this will save you time and effort.

The Express Entry is a viable option for foreign skilled workers where provinces and territories in Canada may nominate a candidate that satisfies their Labour Market needs.

You can check your Express Entry eligibility Here

Ensure Your CV or Resume Is Up To Date And Carefully Formatted

Make sure your CV/Resume is not poorly written and is carefully formatted, because a poorly written CV/Resume may hinder your chances.

Your CV/Resume is your first impression, at this stage, it is important you stand out from the rest.

Connect Through Networking

When you network efficiently, you gain useful and crucial insights in your niche both professionally and socially.

There are several networking events where you can meet valuable people both offline and online.

When you network effectively, you invariably communicate your skills and values to others who may recommend you.

Use Available Tools For Job Hunting

There are several medium where employers scout and connect with employees. Social media has bridged the gap between employers and employees, it is wise to take advantage of social media to connect with your prospective employer.

While setting up your profile, ensure it is professional looking and updated with your skills and work experience.

LinkedIn is one of the fastest-growing platforms for employers and employees to connect.

Also, the Canadian Job bank is an online resource where Canadian employers seek out eligible employees.


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